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challenge labels

Owner Jim Stokes, opened Challenge Labels on September 1st, 1991. As in the saying, “Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” so it was with Challenge Labels. The first step: a staff of one and a primitive “sticker” press and the help of Community Futures to help them grow. “Without help from Community Futures and the BDC, Challenge Labels would not exist today” states Mr. Stokes in 2010.

Initially, Challenge had no pre-press facilities, artwork, imagesetting, platemaking, etc., all had to be jobbed out. As Challenge grew, it added its own art department, made their own plates and ran two to eight colour presses from facilities ten times the size of the original. Together with Labels Unlimited, an established Winnipeg-based firm, that became a partner in 1993, Challenge Labels represent a significant portion of the flexographic label production capacity in Western Canada. Challenge Labels’ made its mission as a label manufacturer to provide custom printed labels for all applications including food labels, water bottle labels, nutraceutical labels, pharmaceutical labels, wine labels, barcode labels, cosmetic and personal care labels, shipping labels, household product labels, coffee and tea labels.

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