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Handmade yard furniture and lawn art such as wishing wells, picnic tables, bridges, chairs, tables, planters, bird houses, dog houses, cat poles, doll houses, doll beds, whily gigs and gliders.

Description: Yoganagan Yoga is a mobile service that provides safe and professional yoga lessons with a certified instructor throughout the Central Okanagan to promote health and fitness.  From continuing education in the field to educating participants on current innovative styles of yoga, Yoganagan Yoga strives to ensure a consistent valuable service. A fun and enjoyable environment is encouraged while achieving wellness and health benefits. Yoganagan is able to meet individual fitness needs as well as cater to corporate groups and sports teams. •     In home yoga enables individuals, couples and families to receive one-on-one attention and personalized lessons designed for their fitness goals and needs. These may include rehabilitation, weight loss, increased flexibility or strength training. •     In office lessons will be designed to enhance ergonomically correct posture. Both employers and employees will benefit by enhancing job performance and encouraging a healthier balanced lifestyle. •     Sports teams and small groups will have lessons customized to their sport or activity to enhance individual and team performance as well as encouraging a healthier lifestyle. Yoganagan Yoga offers the benefits of health and fitness with the convenience of a mobile service brought right into homes, offices and outdoors. Yoganagan Yoga is perfect for those who want the flexibility of their valued time with no membership fees or long-term contracts. This service is also ideal for teams and individuals who value one-on-one or small group settings for their fitness routines.

This unique service offers clients the benefits of coming home to a professionally prepared meal, with more meals in the fridge or freezer and having all their residential cleaning needs met. Other options are shopping, catering, dinner parties, and cooking lessons. Spend more quality time with family and friends.

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