Creative Economy Development

Creative Economy Development

Community Futures works with the arts and cultural community to provide support where needed and where possible. We seek a creative economy that is driven by knowledge and innovation where people are paid to think … where employment for creative workers crosses all sectors and industries including manufacturing and agriculture. One of the best vehicles for providing this opportunity to more people is through the creative economy, where jobs are growing but require digital, social and business connectivity. Creative economy jobs often are project oriented, assembling and disassembling and repeating the cycle over and over. To support this model, business development connections and support is required to help form these new collapsible alliances.

Community Futures helps coordinate stakeholders, nurture and support talent, brand and market the region and continue to map and inventory the resources. We work to make it possible for people to find one another in ways that they can build partnerships and collaborative enterprises in the creative economy. We will seek out and develop synergies and facilitate collaboration.

The Okanagan has its own special qualities and sense of place. This needs to be defined and embraced while creating opportunities for niche market development of local based products and services in the fields of information technology, graphic design, food, wine, hospitality to name a few. Publicity will focus on telling success stories of those who have embraced the creative economy while maintaining a high quality of life.

The Okanagan has attracted and retained high skilled people and needs to continue to build linkages between industry and educational institutions. Self employment opportunities must be encouraged and supported since they often present the best way to find self sufficiency and a greater degree of independence. Research and development opportunities need to be found and supported. Local food industry initiatives need to be incubated and properly funded.

Strong support from Government and the community is critical. We need to develop plans, coordinate stakeholders, collaborate with Government, businesses, intermediaries, educational institutions and non profits with enhanced networks, building an environment of creativity, nurturing creative enterprises and people to develop ways to make and market our Okanagan products, services and lifestyle.

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link to 2019 Kelowna Creative Sector Economic Impact Study full report


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