Current Taxi

dale current taxiEarly in 2017, Dale Conway launched Current Taxi and was out to change the way of the taxi industry one ride at a time. Using a fully electric Tesla taxi fleet, a first in BC, Current Taxi offers a luxury service like none other. With early support from Community Futures and in just two short years, Current Taxi has grown quickly and has changed the way people view taxis and electric vehicles.

When in the Central Okanagan, hail a taxi with a convenient mobile app or pre-book them.  Either way you’re just a couple of clicks away from changing the way you think about taxi service. for more info.

current taxi fleet

Start Fresh Kitchen

In early 2016, Start Fresh took root as a non-profit society with fstart fresh kitchen picounder Michael Buffett in the Central Okanagan. A chef on a simple mission, he and his team began facilitating culinary education programming to inspire people about food. Recognizing a greater need within local social service organizations, the non-profit program has now expanded to include teaching of employment and necessary life skills, while creating access to long-term meaningful employment. 

This is how their team was formed and the talented chefs now bring the same knowledge and skills into the spotlight of a Collaborative Kitchen in a for profit company called Start Fresh Kitchen that has been supported by Community Futures. They have created a truly community-based kitchen that cater events, and facilitate boutique cooking classes.

Book your event with them at You won't be disappointed.

start fresh crew pic

Perfit Dental Solutions

perfit logoPerfit Dental Solutions was started by two dynamic young entrepreneur brothers Steve and George Cowburn. Steve and George were previously in the dental lab business for 7 years in Calgary, sold the company and moved to the Okanagan to further develop and commercialize the technology innovations and patents that they had developed.

In February of 2016, Perfit Dental Solutions released the world’s first fully digital denture where a patient’s mouth was scanned using an intra-oral scanner, and the denture was digitally designed and milled. What once took hours of labour over a day or two is now possible in less than two hours. Their company revenues have continued to grow, have raised considerable investment capital and developed strong market interest across Canada.perfit mill

Community Futures has helped fund the company scale up with more milling equipment, larger facilities and additional working capital to help meet the demand on the denture milling side of the business.

The Perfit of tomorrow is accelerating quickly and world class team continues to impress. Using software and equipment, Perfit R&D team is succeeding by decreasing the material costs and labour costs associated with production while increasing its product offering to include partial dentures and milling software while decreasing the complexity of delivering the solutions so milling can be de-centralized and increasing the scalability of their solutions.

perfit machinery


WTF logo

WTFast is the Gamers Private Network (GPN). The company has a proprietary software client that installs on gamers’ computers and hooks latency sensitive online game data. They then send this data over a growing global network of over 130 servers, optimizing the game data from end to end, making the difference between a winning and losing move in online games. WTFast clients acts as a launch pad for online gaming, a “must have” tool for gamers. Community Futures provided fast growth capital to WTFast when they needed it.

Two Hat Security

community sift two hat security logo

Founded in 2012, Two Hat Security’s mission is to protect online communities from the worst content on the internet. They build custom AI for when it matters most. Two Hat Security works with the highest levels of government to find child sexual abuse material (CSAM), rape threats, hate speech, and more. The largest social networks in the world rely on them to protect their users from threatening content. Community Futures provided growth capital to Two Hat Security at an important time in the company's development.

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