Hambleton Galleries

Hambleton Galleries

The Hambleton Galleries has a long history of providing Original Canadian Art to the Okanagan. The gallery was opened by its namesake, Jack and Lorna Hambleton, in March of 1964.

The current owners, Stewart and Tracy Turcotte, have owned the Hambleton since 1999 with help provided to Stewart from the Community Futures Self Employment Program. As the business has grown, the gallery was moved from a Victorian heritage house down to the Cultural District of Kelowna on Ellis Street. The beautiful art is now showcased by the expanse of the space allowing the art to be the focus of your senses.

Hambleton Galleries represents an extraordinary group of leading Canadian Artists whose works presently grace many national and international private and corporate collections. The gallery carries original paintings, stone sculptures, ceramics and glass works. In addition to our contemporaries, we also specialize in historical Canadian art from acquisition and sales to restoration/conservation and appraisal.

The high standards set by those who have gone before continue to create a venue that captures the imagination of the artists and clients alike. http://www.hambletongalleries.com/

Challenge Labels

challenge labels

Owner Jim Stokes, opened Challenge Labels on September 1st, 1991. As in the saying, “Even a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step,” so it was with Challenge Labels. The first step: a staff of one and a primitive “sticker” press and the help of Community Futures to help them grow. “Without help from Community Futures and the BDC, Challenge Labels would not exist today” states Mr. Stokes in 2010.

Initially, Challenge had no pre-press facilities, artwork, imagesetting, platemaking, etc., all had to be jobbed out. As Challenge grew, it added its own art department, made their own plates and ran two to eight colour presses from facilities ten times the size of the original. Together with Labels Unlimited, an established Winnipeg-based firm, that became a partner in 1993, Challenge Labels represent a significant portion of the flexographic label production capacity in Western Canada. Challenge Labels’ made its mission as a label manufacturer to provide custom printed labels for all applications including food labels, water bottle labels, nutraceutical labels, pharmaceutical labels, wine labels, barcode labels, cosmetic and personal care labels, shipping labels, household product labels, coffee and tea labels.


geometrik1 geometrik3 geometrik2

With start-up help from Community Futures and BDC, Geometrik's high end accoustical ceiling and wall panels are now being ordered by architects, designers and builders across North America. Geometrik owners Vladimir Bolshakov and Natasha Bolshakova have more than 15 years' experience in manufacturing wood acoustical ceiling and wall panels, working for leading suppliers in Europe and North America. Originally from the Ukraine, they met while attending university in Odessa. Vladimir graduated with a degree in manufacturing engineering from the Academy of Manufacturing and Refrigeration while Natasha earned her degree in manufacturing economics from the Academy of Marine Engineers. After 15 years' working for others, they decided to apply their engineering and financial management expertise to their own business in the Okanagan.

Geometrik is the only custom manufacturer of high quality wood acoustical ceiling and wall panels on the west coast of Canada. Beginning in Summerland, B.C. and now a larger facility in West Kelowna, Geometrik offers a unique blend of experience, engineering expertise and manufacturing capability. The dry climate in the Okanagan is ideal for wood manufacture while the lower operating costs allow them to pour extra value into their products. Geometrik’s highly motivated team of skilled work workers and artisans carefully craft panelling to exacting standards, giving the ultimate in sound control and beauty. As wood manufacturers, Geometrik is committed to innovation and quality, utilizing the best materials, hardware, and the latest construction methods and they believe in superior customer service.

When you call, they are there to answer the phone. Geometrik provides prompt answers to your enquiries, professional workmanship, and sound control that will merge seamlessly with your room or facility design. http://www.geometrik.com/

Sun Valley Fresh Foods


Bob and Lorna Smith started Sun Valley Processed Foods in 1997 with a modest 4000 square foot facility producing fresh and healthy pre-packaged food products. In 2002 they came to Community Futures looking for a loan to purchase much needed equipment to keep up with demand. By 2009, Sun Valley Processed Foods had grown to a 38,000 square foot facility and over 50 employees. Sun Valley’s fresh, ready to eat products are now sold across Canada. Bob and Lorna Smith contribute their success to recent trends in healthy living and their ability and willingness to adapt and change to market trends and customer demand, and having organizations like Community Futures available to lend a hand to businesses in need. http://www.svff.ca/index.php

Natures FormulaeHealth Products Ltd.

natures formulae

Started as a home based business in the Okanagan Valley by Barbra Johnston and a partner, Barbra had a business idea to produce all natural herbal extract health products to market to doctors and health food companies. In 1990, Barbra came to Community Futures looking for a small loan to grow the business. Since then, the company has grown to become a leader in the formulation of liquid-based herbal health products in Canada. Today, Natures Formulae operates in a modern 30,000 sq.ft. facility located in Kelowna, British Columbia producing over 5000 herbal-based products and providing a large inventory of herbal ingredients. They have developed their own branded product lines which include our original Master Formulae along with NaturPetNaturTech, and recently acquired SpagoMed. The Natures Formuale modern facility includes an experienced Research and Development team providing scientific oversight and innovative services. They are a competitive Custom Manufacturing service that can accommodate a number of manufacturing needs including product development, product processing, filling, labeling and packaging. Barbra now volunteers at Community Futures and currently is Chairperson. This is her way of giving back to the organization that helped her. http://www.naturesformulae.com/

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