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Congratulations to Dustin on the opening of Float Space, Kelowna’s first commercial float centre. Dustin is a local Kelowna student entrepreneur finishing off a degree in biology and was recently awarded 2016 Enactus National Student Entrepreneur at the competition in Toronto. He discovered floatation tanks a couple of years ago and realized the only place that had float tanks for public use was in Vancouver. With no nearby places to float and personal tanks being prohibitively expensive, he had to turn the idea into a viable business model to share it with as many people as possible. In March 2013, he started putting the idea into motion.

Float Space - the community. Dustin started with an idea and took it to Community Futures to develop a business plan. With the support of a grant from the Community Futures Youth Mean Business program, funding from CYBF “Futurepreneurs,” and small business bank financing supported by the Canadian Government, Float Space became a reality. Dustin invested many hours of hard work to put together all the pieces that resulted in the May 15 launch.

"It is our goal to provide a clean and creative space designed to share and enhance the art of floating."

Never heard of floating? It’s really quite simple. A “float tank” a.k.a. saltwater isolation tank a.k.a. sensory deprivation tank, is basically a large bath tub filled with about 10-inches of water and around 1000 lbs of Epsom salts. The solution is heated to skin temperature and is ultra-buoyant so you float effortlessly on the surface, simulating zero gravity. You can close the door if you choose, making the tank completely dark and soundproof. For a brief time, the outside world is gone and amazing things can happen. When your body does not need to process any external stimulation in the form of light, sound, taste, smell, gravity, and temperature differences across the skin, it is easy to enter a state of deep relaxation and stress relief. Your brain begins to produce more Theta (4-7 Hz) and Delta (0.1-3 Hz) waves than usual, which are responsible for that “in between waking and sleeping” feeling and is a very similar state found by those who routinely practice meditation. 

Some of the benefits of floating include: reduction in blood pressure and the release of stress hormones such as ACTH and cortisol; relief from chronic pain, anxiety, insomnia, and depression; boosts the production of dopamine and endorphins (our body’s natural painkillers); improved immune function, muscle recovery, mood, and sense of well-being; boosts creativity, imagination, and memory retention. Many athletes, artists and business professionals float for performance enhancement. The sensory void is a very effective environment for visualization and distraction free decision-making. By combining the relaxation and community feel of a Yoga studio or spa with the empirically based biological benefits of their isolation tanks, Float Space hopes to promote creativity, happiness and contribute to the mental and physical well-being of Kelowna for a long time. If you think floating is something you would like to try, or simply want to learn more, check out their website www.floatspace.ca.


Float Space - The Science of Nothing. The Art of Well-Being.

Give them a call at (778) 484 3562, or go check out their gorgeous space at 104-1851 Kirschner Road, in the Stewart Centre North plaza.

Soles4Souls Marks 5 Years

Soles4Souls Marks 5 Years.

Jim Belshaw is the Community in Community Futures.

Jim Belshaw Sole Man 2011Many of you reading this article will remember a trip to Roy’s Shoes in Downtown Kelowna. Whether you were finding just the right shoe for your lifestyle or trusting the shoemakers to restore a loved pair or dropping off shoes for those who need them, it would have been clear that Jim Belshaw has a heart for helping. It is all about the shoes. Five years ago Jim was instrumental in bringing Soles4Soles to Kelowna and over 400 thousand pairs of shoes later, the Soles4Souls Canada charity continues to flourish. This initiative is a vital service that is geared at helping the over 300 million kids in this world that go shoeless every day and some of those kids are right here in our community.

What some of you may not know is that Jim purchased Roy’s Shoes in 2007 and started to learn the trade. As Jim was transitioning both himself and the new business, Community Futures came alongside with additional financing for growth and reorganization. “Community Futures was a lifeline” says Jim. He also learned that involvement in the community is key to business strength. http://www.roysshoes.com/

Community Futures recognizes Jim for all his behind the scenes efforts to make a difference in the lives of those less fortunate ... and operate an outstanding business.

Marjorie Horne - CareSmart Seniors Consulting Inc.


Marjorie Horne - CareSmart Seniors Consulting Inc.

With the support of the Community Futures Self Employment Program, Marjorie Horne has started a new company in Kelowna called CareSmart  Seniors Consulting Inc. With a background in nursing, coaching and seniors’ housing management, she offers her wealth of experience to support seniors and their families navigating through the transitions and service requirements that are often presented as aging progresses.

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Okanagan Carshare Co-op


The Okanagan Car Share Co-op was provincially incorporated as a community service co-op in British Columbia in June 2012, and is based in Kelowna BC. Their long-term plan is to establish a viable car sharing social enterprise, based on a growth model that will meet our members’ mobility needs and provide a practical alternative to owning a vehicle or a second family car.

OGO (the Okanagan Car Share Co-Op) now has several new cars which are parked at designated locations in Kelowna. When an OGO member needs to use a car, he or she will simply use a smartphone or computer to reserve one of OGO's cars at a particular time, using their convenient online booking system. That member's key fob will then be able to unlock the car at that time, and he or she can use it, paying a low rate based on use. The fixed member usage rate is the only cost for using OGO's cars; OGO covers the cost of gas, insurance, cleaning, maintenance, etc.

Sound good? Sign up today. http://www.ogocarshare.ca

Ryan Hunter - Behind the Fly


Ryan Hunter, Owner of Behind The Fly - Quality Underwear For Men

Go back to Fort Mac or start up this underwear store? It was an easy choice. I have always wanted to have my own business. Ever since I was a kid it was how I thought.The original plan was to start up my own electrical business but seeing how the work was dwindling it wasn’t a risk I wanted to take” states owner Ryan Hunter.

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